San Andreas Drift Formula
San Andreas Drift Formula

San Andreas Drift Formula was created by Fujiwara Ryosuke for making a legal racing organization in San Andreas
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 [FORM] Application

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Fujiwara Ryosuke
Lead of SADF
Lead of SADF

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PostSubject: [FORM] Application   Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:46 am

Title:(INI CONTOH)[Application] Fujiwara Ryosuke


[b][u]SA-DF Staff Application[/u][/b]
[u][i]Drive To Survive[/i][/u]

[u][b]SECTION A [/b][/u][/center]
[b][u]A. PERSONAL DETAILS[/u][/b]

[b]A, 1. Name :[/b]
[b]A, 2. Last Name :[/b]
[b]A, 3. Other names :[/b]
[b]A, 4. Date of Birth :[/b]
[b]A, 5. Email Address :[/b]
[b]A, 6. Place and Parish of Birth :[/b]
[b]A, 7. Nationality :[/b]
[b]A, 8. Marital Status :[/b]
[b]A, 9. Gender :[/b]
[b]A, 10. Blood Type :[/b]
[b]A, 11. Education :[/b]
[b]A, 12. Weight :[/b]
[b]A, 13. Height :[/b]
[center][b][u]SECTION B[/u][/b][/center]
[b][u]B. ADRESSING DETAIL[/u][/b]

[b]B, 1. Present Address of Residence :[/b]
[b]B, 2. Mobile Phone Number :[/b]
[b]B, 3. House Phone Number :[/b]
[b]B, 4. House Address :[/b]
[center][b][u]SECTION C[/u][/b][/center]
[b][u]C. LICENSES[/u][/b]

[b]C, 1. Do you have Driving Licenses? :[/b]
[b]C, 2. Do you have Boat Licenses? :[/b]
[b]C, 3. Do you have Flying Licenses? :[/b]
[b]C, 4. Do you have Firearms Licenses? :[/b]
[center][u][b]SECTION D[/b][/u][/center]

[b]D, 1. Have you ever been involoved in a Criminal Case? If yes, Explain it.[/b]
[b]D, 2. Have you ever submitted an Application to Staff Agency? If yes, When?[/b]
[b]D, 3. Why would you like to be a San Andreas Drift Formula?[/b] (Isi yg lengkap jangan pendek)
[b]D, 4. Why do you think we should accept you to the organization?[/b] (Isi yg lengkap jangan pendek)
[center][u][b]SECTION E[/b][/u][/center]

[b]E, 1.What vehicle type do you own?: [/b]
[b]E, 2.Are you installing NOS in your vehicle?: [/b]
[b]E, 3.Vehicle Plate :[/b] (Example : LS223 ZR350)
[b]E, 4.Any Upgrades in your vehicle? : [/b]
[b]E, 5.Any modifications in your vehicle? : [/b]
[center][u][b]OOC SECTION[/b][/u][/center]
[u][b]Out Of Character[/b][/u]

[b]OOC, 1. Full Name :[/b]
[b]OOC, 2. ID LINE : [/b]
[b]OOC, 3. Date of birth :[/b]
[b]OOC, 4. Location :[/b]
[b]OOC, 5. Your current & past characters :[/b]
[b]OOC, 6. JG:RP Forum ID with Link:[/b]
[b]OOC, 7. JG:RP UCP ID :[/b]
[b]OOC, 8. How long have you been played in Jogjagamers Roleplay?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 9. Have you ever roleplayed in any other roleplay servers?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 10. What faction you have ever been in, is it official or not?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 11. Have you ever been banned in Jogjagamers Roleplay server? If yes,then why?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 12. Why would you like to join Drift Formula?:[/b] (Minimum 100 words)
[b]OOC, 13. What do you know about Racing Organization?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 14. Are you playing in the Internet Cafe or at Home?:[/b]
[b]OOC, 15. What is your in-game time? (AM/PM or both)?:[/b]
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[FORM] Application
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